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Hazardous Materials Assessment and Reporting Services in Kamloops and Surrounding Areas

If you live in a older residential building, work in a older commercial building, or work in or with older industrial buildings, structures, or equipment. there is a high potential of hazardous materials being present. If damaged or disturbed these materials can cause serious health effects to individuals without notice until it is to late. WP Consulting can idenitfy these materials and provide sound recommendations on how to deal with these materials. Especially before renovations or a demolition project. 





Why Do You Need a Hazardous Materials / Substances Assessment?

A hazardous materials / substances assessment helps determine if materials like asbestos, mould, lead, silica, PCBs, and mercury exist within your residence, property or work place. Before starting a project, it is essential to identify potential hazards materials/substances that could impact a renovation or demolition projects. British Columbia Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Guidelines (BC OH&S), legislate that hazardous materials and substances that exist within a workspace shall be identified and adequately controlled. This means that having an assessment is not only imperative to ones health and safety. It is a enforcable act to building owners and employers to protect the health of workers and employees.

Our Hazardous Materials Assessments

WP Consulting works with its clients to ensure that they are informed of the legal requirements. To make it an exhaustive process, we perform:

On-site surveys

​Our hazardous material surveys are conducted by a current certified Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Building Inspector. The sample collection is conducted in a way that ensures full representation of the client's designated project areas while performed methodologically in accordance with British Columbia Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Guidelines (BC OH&S). 

Costs often depend on the nature of the survey needed for a particular site. Complications like multiple renovations over the years, often in older homes, can make it hard to anticipate sampling costs. Renovations can include repairing older building materials with another hazardous substance (such as patching damage to a lath and plaster wall with asbestos-containing drywall joint compound or levelling compound) or switching an old product with a newer hazardous substance (such as removing exterior wood siding and applying asbestos-containing stucco coating). 


​For further information regarding the sampling methodology, please contact us.

Sample analysis

WP Consulting is associated with a wide range of laboratories and suppliers for its sampling needs, also used by government entities such as the City of Vancouver, WorkSafeBC and, BC Government Ministries. WP Consulting only uses laboratories and suppliers that have been established for years and that are accredited with highly standard bodies. With this help, we can provide you with almost any hazardous material analysis in Kamloops at the best cost.


Our hazardous material surveys come complete with documentation, which can provide you with detailed information about the current regulations and standards pertaining to hazardous materials, results of our findings, laboratory analysis results, along with conclusions and recommendations.

We offer the following documents:


Hazardous material abatement scope of work (for contracting bids).

Hazardous material management plans.

Hazardous material risk assessments.

Hazardous material exposure control plans.


Need Help With Hazardous Materials?

We can accurately assess and monitor hazardous materials in your building and home.

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