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Trusted Asbestos and Lead Monitoring Service in Kamloops

During disturbances of asbestos containing materials asbestos fibres can releases dangerous cancer-causing fibres into the air. With WP Consulting, you get trained and certified professionals that provide abatement monitoring services against these airborne contaminates. We undertake hazardous material monitoring projects across Kamloops and surrounding areas. 


Abatements are separate but distinct types of environmental services. We implement a rigorous abatement monitoring strategy using the latest tools and technology. For air-monitoring projects in Kamloops and surrounding areas(asbestos and lead abatements), WP Consulting provides clients with a detailed air sampling analysis report. 


Our asbestos and lead abatement monitoring services are part of an extended health and safety consultation service at WP Consulting. You can review documented events through an abatement project from start to finish for better transparency. Contact us for more information on what other services WP Consulting can provide for your abatement or remediation project.

Air Sampling Analysis for Asbestos in Kamloops

During asbestos abatements, WP Consulting can collect air samples by using calibrated air sampling equipment and provide you with timely sample analysis by using a portable field laboratory. All our collection and analysis of samples are conducted in accordance with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and performed by a certified PCM analysis technician. For Lead air and or surface samples, WP Consulting can collect the samples and submit them to an accreditied laboratory for analysis. 

Abatement Clearances 

Once an abatement is completed the most important part is to check if the area is safe to enter. WP Consulting provides clearance inspections to ensure that visually no asbestos-containing materials associated to the abatement work have successfully been removed. In addtion to the visual inspection, WP Consulting can also provide air sampling to ensure that the air within the work area is safe. These services include a clearance document to certify that the area has successfuly been abated.

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